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Our Story

Geneies Closet was founded by a mom who had a dream to start her own company while having fun! My inspiration to start my own company came from having my son. I became a stay at home mom, and life quickly changed! Becoming a mother really pushed me to my limits and beyond and made me realize how much i could accomplish if i really put my intention and focus on it.I have so much to give back and can't wait to share more of my journey as a entrepreneur,
 woman, mom, breastfeeding and my experience giving birth with a midwife. Geneies Closet is made up of my personal inspirations on clothes and styles for women and children. I strive to find exceptional quality items along with comfort and practicality. 


The name Geneies Closet originated from my sons middle name, which is gene. My nickname for him has always been geneie and I always noticed how much attention we get while out when i call him "geneie". So it was easy for me to name my company Geneies Closet. A little mysterious and a whole lot of fun. Thank you everyone for choosing our site and making Geneies closet your choice. 

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